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Fluttershy and Crosspatch, who are on opposite ends of the animal argument, undergo endurance challenges to settle a dispute.

Is anyone else disappointed that SirFrogFinest took down his dual reaction to Rainbow Rocks? He and AfroPony were so high funny.
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Cheerilee was the only educator in Ponyville at the moment. Whenever she was unavailable to teach a class, a substitute would be summoned, and whoever that was depended on the subject that was being taught that day. So when Cheerilee had a dentist appointment on the day she was meant to teach a class about frogs, her first choice was Pinkie Pie, who happened to be a fluent ribbitter. But Rarity had already asked Pinkie to accompany her to a BYOM event in Loch Azure. Cheerilee’s first choice would have been Fluttershy, but she knew public speaking was her idea of Tartarus. In any case, who else would know more about the ancient Parenting Ponds than Fluttershy?

“How could I refuse?” Fluttershy rambled to a bird who needed medicine for indigestion the day before she was meant to take over for Cheerilee. “She’s out of options. And there’s no reason why I shouldn’t share my knowledge with all those little ponies. Even so, what if I get tongue tied?”
For a second, she considered asking Discord for help, but somehow, she felt that he would be more of a class clown than a teacher’s aide.

“Anything wrong?” came a voice from the schoolhouse roof.
“Oh. Good morning, Derpy,” Fluttershy smiled. “Dropping Dinky off?”
“I did that already,” Derpy replied. “I’m ringing the bell this morning. Nervous?”
Fluttershy couldn’t hide it. “Yes.”
“Well, just take it one step at a time,” Derpy advised. “And don’t lose your temper.”
“My temper?”
“Yeah. Sometimes, foals don’t take substitutes seriously,” said Derpy. “I taught a math class once and I don’t think anyone was listening. It was pretty frustrating.”
Fluttershy wasn’t sure how she felt about the idea of no one paying attention to her lecture. On one hoof, no one would notice if she misspoke. On the other, no one would learn anything about the fascinating subject of the ancient Parenting Ponds.
“Hey, look!” Derpy pointed. “More foals are coming.”
Fluttershy looked back and saw Scootaloo, Diamond Tiara and Rumble approaching in the distance. Not wishing to be spotted until class started, she zipped into the schoolhouse. Dinky was at her desk sticking an eraser underneath one of the legs to stop it from wobbling. She saw Fluttershy come in and hit her head on the underside of her desk in surprise.
“Are you substituting today?” she asked.
Dinky zoomed to one of the windows, flung it open, and called out to the approaching students. “Hey everypony, Fluttershy’s teaching us today!”

Derpy rang the bell much too early for Fluttershy’s liking… and little too loudly as well. The students ambled into the schoolhouse chattering about the surprise of a replacement teacher. Once everypony was seated, Fluttershy plucked up courage and came out from under Cheerilee’s desk.
“Um… good morning, everypony,” she said.
“Morning, Miss Fluttershy,” chorused Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle.
Fluttershy went redder than the Alicorn Amulet. Everything she knew about frogs and their ancient ponds vanished. Everything she knew about everything vanished. Scootaloo looked towards the back of the room squinting her eyes. She thought for a moment that there was a Cockatrice behind them. Then she remembered that Fluttershy could easily subdue one with the Stare.

Within minutes, it was clear that most of the students hadn’t expected Fluttershy to say or do anything. Button Mash had his Joy Boy out and hadn’t bothered to turn down the volume. Silver Spoon had gone over to Diamond Tiara’s desk after she’d pulled out a Daring Do book. Dinky had taken the eraser out from under her desk leg and was rolling her pencil along the uneven surface. Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo attempted to prompt Fluttershy into beginning the lecture, but the no avail. The sight of most of the foals fooling around was far from encouraging. Twist decided to do roll call herself, but barely anyone responded when she said their names.

There was a knock. Fluttershy’s head snapped to the left.
“Sorry to interrupt the class,” said Crosspatch.
“Not at all,” smiled Fluttershy.
“She’s got that right,” muttered Gilt Eyes.
“I just had my little brother enrolled in this class,” Crosspatch explained, moving over so Lazybug could enter the school house.
“Lazybug’s gonna be in this class?!” burst out Apple Bloom. “But he’s already got a job.”
“Yeah, but Crosspatch thinks I outta get an education,” Lazybug replied. “We have missed out on quite a few decades.”
“I’ll just add him to the register,” said Fluttershy, delighted for this distraction.
“Well, have a good day at school, Lazybug,” said Crosspatch. “Heh. I’ve always hoped I’d get to say that.”

“So Lazybug, since this is your first day of school, why don’t you tell the class about yourself?” Fluttershy asked after she’d written his name onto Cheerilee’s attendance sheet.
In seconds, Lazybug had achieved what Fluttershy couldn’t in twenty minutes. Only he and Apple Bloom knew all the details of the Zap-O-Lantern, and Apple Bloom hadn’t disclosed every little thing beforehoof. And everypony was entranced at Lazybug’s description of his and Crosspatch’s mutation that meant they needed water every ten minutes or so.
“Is that what that’s for?” asked Snails, pointing to a squirt bottle that Lazybug had brought with him.
“Uh, huh. And here’s the cool part,” said Lazybug, grinning from ear to ear. “We can breathe underwater.”
Diamond Tiara dropped her Daring Do book. “That’s how you did that!”
“Did what?” asked Silver Spoon.
“My dad hired him and his sister to get a bunch of frogs out of our pool four weeks ago,” Diamond Tiara told them. “They were under the water for a long time chasing frogs across the bottom.”

Fluttershy was excited. How lucky was she that the subject was brought around to frogs? If this impromptu seminar kept going, she might not have to say a thing.
“Were ya worried about us?” smirked Lazybug.
“Kind of,” said Diamond Tiara. “If I hadn’t seen the water waving around, I’d have thought you hadn’t survived. You did look like you were having fun down there.”
I was, but my sister hates frogs herself,” chuckled Lazybug. “She can’t stand animals with strong legs like them. They can be lightning fast, and that gets frustrating when you’re trying to catch them.”
“Is that why she had you fling them out of our yard with the skimmer?” asked Diamond Tiara, trying not to crack up at the memory.
“Yeah,” grinned Lazybug before turning back to the rest of the class to describe the whole event. “She finally snapped and said to me ‘Lazybug, you get the skimmer and when I throw one up to you, home run it!’ I…”

Lazybug was about to mention to the chortling class that he made sure to aim where the frogs would have a soft landing, but he was rudely interrupted.
“OK, that’s enough of that. Please take your seat, Lazybug,” Fluttershy said firmly.
Lazybug, slightly taken aback, slipped into a vacant desk.
“Alright everypony, if you don’t mind, let’s get on with our lesson,” said Fluttershy.
Some of the students grumbled.
“No, no. No more distractions,” insisted Fluttershy. “Button, please put your game away. Silver Spoon, please go back to your own seat. Dinky, please fix your desk. Let’s carry on.”
Filthy Rich usually hired Fluttershy to deal with frogs in his pool, and it never even crossed her mind to send them hurtling through the air to get rid of them. How inhumane was that?

Everyone sat silently as Fluttershy spoke so quickly, she was making up for lost time. All the information she had about century-old ponds where frogs gather once a year simply fell out of her.
“The closest Parenting Pond to Ponyville is about six miles south of Froggy Bottom Bog,” she said, pointing at a map hung up on the blackboard. “And no matter what’s in their way, frogs will go straight from the bog to the pond. Unfortunately, there’s a rail line between the bog and the pond, so some good samaritans go there once a year and help the frogs pass safely over the line whenever a train comes along. Now, the humane way to send frogs over…”
“Hey, wait a minute,” piped up Lazybug.
“No more disruptions, please,” Fluttershy hissed.
Lazybug angrily took his seat again.
“The correct way is to either fly a hoofful of frogs over the track, or to magic them over,” Fluttershy continued. “This means that only unicorns and pegasi can effectively help frogs. There isn’t much an earth pony can do in this situation.”
Lazybug scowled.

After recess, the Parenting Pond lecture continued. Fluttershy went on speaking forcefully as though a few bag eggs were chattering while she was trying to teach. In fact, in stark contrast to the morning’s events, all the foals in the room were giving her their undivided attention.
“The last thing that happens during these annual visits is the return trip,” Fluttershy said when the dismissal bell drew near. “Now does anypony remember what to do if you are kind enough to help the frogs on their journey and they come across a road or a rail line?”
Twist, Sweetie Belle and Featherweight raised their hooves, but Fluttershy pointed to Lazybug.
“Well, you said you have to be either a unicorn or a pegasus,” he said through gritted teeth.
“Correct,” said Fluttershy, smiling at him for the first time since she’d started her lecture. “The right thing to do is to use your wings or you horn and gently carry them over the traffic. The wrong thing to do is to fling them through the air with a skimmer.”
“Hey, look!” Lazybug spluttered. “It’s not like I threw them at a wall or anything! I…!”
“Please take your seat and don’t interrupt me while I’m teaching,” said Fluttershy forcefully. “I will not tolerate trouble makers in my class. Now, before the bell rings, I’d like you all to know…”
“Excuse me.”

Crosspatch was standing in the doorway.
“Sorry to interrupt the class,” she said for the second time that day, “but it sounds like my brother’s first day of school isn’t going well.”
Fluttershy seemed to revert to her usual timid self. “You’re… a little early.”
“I volunteered to ring the bell so I could be here as soon as Lazybug was done class,” said Crosspatch.
“But Derpy was ringing the bell today,” objected Fluttershy. “I saw her when I first came here this morning. She told me she was on bell duty.”
“She was ringing the bell for the morning,” Crosspatch explained. “I offered to ring it for the afternoon. Now is Lazybug being naughty, or are you just being difficult?”
“Because it sounded to me like you’ve got a problem with the way he and I deal with troublesome animals,” Crosspatch went on.
“We’re not veterinarians. We’re pest control. We have to deal with stray animals who trespass in attics and gardens,” Crosspatch ranted. “There ain’t much room for gentleness.”
“Well maybe you and your brother wouldn’t be so rough if you hadn’t been silly enough to try and eat a zap apple that wasn’t ripe,” Fluttershy snapped.

The tension in the schoolhouse was thicker than Sonata.
“Simmer down, Fluttershy,” said Apple Bloom. “So what if ya both have different ways of dealin’ with animals.”
“Look, there’s an easy way to settle this,” said Lazybug. “How about a Staring contest?”
“Sounds good to me,” replied Crosspatch with a disturbing grin.
Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle really hated the look Crosspatch and Lazybug were exchanging.
“1, 2, 3, go!” shouted Crosspatch.
Fluttershy recoiled. The school ponies gasped.
Crosspatch shut her eyes and opened them again, looking much calmer. “That, colts and fillies, is called the Stare. Very few are…”
“We know!” snapped Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo together.
“How do you know?” asked Crosspatch, slightly taken aback. “It’s a rare gi--”
Then Crosspatch recoiled. Fluttershy had recovered and shot a Stare right back at her.
“What?! You can use the Stare, too?!” cried Lazybug.
“Uh, huh,” Fluttershy answered as she reset her face.
Crosspatch gave herself a shake. “OK, so I guess we’re both Stare masters. Shoulda guessed there’d be another one in Equestria.”
“Well, that means you can have a proper Staring contest,” said Lazybug excitedly. “Ready?”
This time, Fluttershy and Crosspatch were ready at the same time.
Lazybug looked from one to the other as they held their eyes shut. “1, 2, 3, go!”

The intensity of Fluttershy’s and Crosspatch’s eyes made every foal in the room either squint or look away. The two stubborn mares kept up their lethal looks into each other’s faces for nearly a minute before shutting their eyes at the same time.
“Dang! It’s a tie,” groaned Apple Bloom.
“Hey Lazybug, gimme a squirt,” said Crosspatch, panting a bit.
Fluttershy watched as Lazybug walked up to his sister and spritzed her with his water bottle. Crosspatch was seething at her opponent’s smug look.
“Anypony have any other ideas?” asked Scootaloo.
“An endurance test?” Twist suggested.
“What kind?” Fluttershy and Crosspatch asked together.
“Flying contest?” put in Sweetie Belle, who was getting into the spirit of unfair advantages.
“Oh, shut up,” groused Silver Spoon.
“Who can hold their breath the longest?” suggested Lazybug.
“You too, newbie” said Silver Spoon.

“Wait, why don’t we see who can last longer outside their comfort zone?” asked Twist.
“Meaning?” asked Fluttershy and Crosspatch together. They glared at each other in annoyance.
“Well, Fluttershy doesn’t do much flying, and Crosspatch can’t last long without water,” said Twist. “How about Fluttershy stays airborne for as long as she can, and Crosspatch stays out of the fountain in town for as long as she can? And whoever gives up first loses the argument.”
Crosspatch chuckled. “You don’t fly much? How do you deal with blue jays?”
“They all know me,” said Fluttershy. “How do you deal with blue jays?”
“No, no, no! I don’t want to hear about anymore animal cruelty,” Fluttershy said quickly.
“I’ll have you know I do not deal with blue jays in a way that hurts them,” Crosspatch hissed. “I just lure them to the ground with peanuts. They get full and can’t put up a fight, so I can easily take them somewhere where they’re not bugging anypony.”
“Is that why I’ve been tending to so many blue jays with indigestion lately?!” burst out Fluttershy. “I’ve gotta go home and feed my bunny rabbit. Meet me at the fountain in ten minutes.”
“You’re on,” smirked Crosspatch.
They sealed their deal with a hoof-bump, and the school ponies cheered as Fluttershy ran out of the school house.

After Fluttershy left her cottage, she found her way to the fountain barred by several ponies. Clearly, word of the endurance challenge had spread.
“What’s all this about, Fluttershy?” inquired Rainbow Dash, easily avoiding the crowd with flying above it.
“I’m only settling an argument,” Fluttershy insisted. “I’ll be fine. Now, will you excuse me please?”
Rainbow Dash had no idea how to feel. On one hoof, it was interesting to see Fluttershy taking a stand, but somehow, she felt it didn’t suit her. But far be it from her to discourage her friend from something she believed in.

When Fluttershy finally managed to get through the crowd, she couldn’t see Crosspatch anywhere.
“Did she decide to back out?” she asked to no one in particular.
“She’s in the fountain,” said Applejack, who had made it to the front of the crowd.
Fluttershy jumped to the fountain and slapped the water. Crosspatch emerged, soaking wet and grinning smugly.
“You no-good cheater,” accused Fluttershy.
“We haven’t started yet, have we?” Crosspatch raised an eyebrow. “I mean, you haven’t been flying at all today, have you?”
Fluttershy was fuming.
“You two almost ready?” came a voice.
Fluttershy turned around. Derpy and Minuette had walked up to the fountain.
“They’re gonna be your judges,” said Apple Bloom from the crowd. “Derpy’s gonna watch you and Minuette’s gonna time you.”

When Twilight arrived, the atmosphere became less excited.
“Isn’t there another way to settle this argument?” she said to the two incensed mares. “The both of you can really hurt yourselves doing this.”
“It’s either this or go back to the school house and sort things out there,” said Crosspatch bluntly.
“Things coulda been a lot worse back there, Twilight,” piped up Apple Bloom.
“But why can’t either of you let this little disagreement go?” asked Twilight.
“There’s nothing little about a disagreement over the ethical treatment of frogs,” Fluttershy said obstinately.
“I’m sure not gonna let somepony insult my brother and get away with it,” Crosspatch said firmly.
Twilight hated not knowing how to proceed. She didn’t like the odds of either of the two quarrelling ponies giving in to their stubbornness and surrendering the challenge, but they were both so determined that she felt like nothing she could say or do would stop them.
Crosspatch hadn’t known Twilight long enough to call her by her name. “Your highness?”
“I’ve heard tell that you once turned a frog into an orange.”
Twilight groaned. “That is true.”
“And I’m the animal abuser,” snorted Crosspatch.
Fluttershy wasn’t having it. She knew Twilight hadn’t meant to cast that spell on that frog. Twilight, somewhat cross with herself, decided the best she could do was let them carry on and be on hoof if one or both of them injured themselves.

“On your marks…” said Derpy.
Fluttershy’s wings were outstretched.
“Get set…”
Crosspatch leaned out of the fountain.
Minuette began her timing spell as Fluttershy took to the air and Crosspatch jumped out of the water. The crowd chattered excitedly. Most of the crowd was cheering Fluttershy on, much to Crosspatch’s chagrin. The minuets slipped by. Fluttershy’s wings never stopped beating. Crosspatch didn’t so much as glance back at the fountain. It looked to the onlookers that they were evenly matched, just like when they tried to out-Stare each other. Fluttershy wasn’t far from the ground, and soon, it occurred to her that she was casting a shadow over Crosspatch. She quickly moved to her right. Crosspatch looked up indignantly before sitting down on the ground and stretching her forelegs with a loud satisfied sigh.
“You’re both OK?!” called Twilight after fifteen minutes.
“Yep,” said Fluttershy and Crosspatch together, before staring daggers at each other. They couldn’t stand answering questions at the same time.

Fluttershy’s wing joints were getting sore. She hadn’t been airborne for this long since the last time she’d flown to Cloudsdale. The warm afternoon sun was causing her to sweat. Her anger at Crosspatch subsided for a moment when she suddenly realised that almost half the town was watching her. She shut her eyes.
“The frogs,” she said to herself. “Do it for the frogs.”
No matter how uncomfortable she was being a spectacle, she refused to stop flying until Crosspatch was back in the fountain. When she next opened her eyes, she scanned the crowd for Rainbow Dash, who often remained airborne when observing something. But by now, even Rainbow had needed a rest, and was standing next to Applejack. Fluttershy indulged herself with the thought that she’d outlasted Rainbow Dash, the best flyer in Ponyville.

At this point, Crosspatch had most certainly beaten her record for lasting without water. She was sweating more than Fluttershy was and she found it hard to stand back up. She was well aware that there might only be one pony in the crowd who was routing for her. After all, Fluttershy had been living in Ponyville longer than she had. On the other hoof, she was there first, even before Ponyville existed. She and Lazybug, whose honour was just as much at stake as hers, were stalwarts of this land.
“Your brother,” she said to herself. “Do it for your brother.”
She promised herself that she would only jump back into the fountain when she saw Fluttershy back on the ground. She peered into the crowd to see Lazybug’s supportive face, but he was nowhere to be seen. This was because Lazybug was deliberately hiding himself from his sister whenever he sprayed himself with his water bottle. Crosspatch appreciated this when she realised what he was doing, but it did make her think of water and how badly she needed it.

“How do you feel now?” asked Twilight after half an hour.
“Good,” said Fluttershy breathlessly.
“Fine,” said Crosspatch hoarsely.
Twilight wasn’t sure she believed either of them. Fluttershy was wobbling and Crosspatch was now flat on her back. It looked to her like she would have to call this thing off soon. She looked around at the crowd. It was clear that this was an interesting sight. Mild mannered Fluttershy in a battle of wills and stamina against Crosspatch the pre-Ponyville farmmare. She was sure that no good could come of this, but she knew that Fluttershy and Crosspatch were set in their ways and just wouldn’t give in.

In their respective positions, Fluttershy was looking straight down at Crosspatch and Crosspatch was looking straight up at Fluttershy. Fluttershy felt a lump in her throat that had nothing to do with exhaustion. From where she was, Crosspatch looked like she couldn’t move a muscle.
Am I taking advantage of her mutation? she thought. That’s not like me. Why am I so angry? Why should I take advantage of somepony’s bad luck? Maybe Twilight was right. Maybe there is another way to settle this whole thing other than letting her dry out.

Crosspatch was watching Fluttershy wobble in midair. She couldn’t help but feel sorry for her as she flapped harder than she had ever done in all her life.
Am I being rotten? she thought. I mean, wings are awfully important to a pegasus’ lifestyle. Rainbow Dash assured me of that, that’s for certain. What if Fluttershy’s wings give out and she never flies again. I couldn’t do that to somepony. Sure, we may be at loggerheads, but if I let this carry on, I might wreck her life.

It had now been forty-five minutes since the challenge began.
Now how are you two feeling?” asked Twilight.
Neither of the competing ponies responded. They hadn’t heard Twilight. They were both lost in their own worried thoughts. Twilight took their silence as a sign of fatigue.
“This is getting out of hoof, you two!” she called.
Still, neither of them reacted.

How can I possibly say I represent the Element of Kindness if I let somepony get dehydrated?

I’m already guilty of endangerment after what I tried to do to Applejack and Big McIntosh. I guess I haven’t changed.

Think of Lazybug! He’d be devastated if his sister couldn’t get water in time.

She’s got so many animal friends. The blue jays, the frogs… they’d never forgive me.

I can’t stay up here just to win the argument.

I can’t let her push herself over the edge.

I mustn’t take our petty disagreement this far.

I’d never be able to forgive myself.

“It’s a tie!” declared Derpy once Fluttershy had touched down and Crosspatch had dived into the water.
Applause broke out all around the fountain. Minuette announced that Fluttershy and Crosspatch had both lasted forty-seven minutes. Crosspatch, fully refreshed, popped out of the water and found Fluttershy leaning over the well looking fretful.
“Are you alright, Crosspatch?” she asked.
“Yeah, I’m fine,” replied Crosspatch. “What about you? How are your…? Oh, no.”
Fluttershy’s wings were hanging lifelessly down by her sides.
“Your wings. You had such lovely wings,” Crosspatch moaned.
“Oh, I’ll be OK soon,” Fluttershy said breathlessly. “I just need to rest.”
“Why not join me in here?” suggested Crosspatch. “It’s nice and cool.”
Fluttershy took her up on her offer and as they both sat in the refreshing water, the onlookers gathered around the fountain offering congratulations. These kudos weren’t only for how long they both lasted in the challenge though.

“You both gave up for the others’ benefit, didn’t you?” Twilight asked.
Fluttershy and Crosspatch grinned.
“So what now?” asked Lazybug. “How are we gonna settle this argument?”
“I have an idea,” said Fluttershy. “Crosspatch, I’d like to meet you tomorrow at midday please.”
“Uh… OK. Where?” asked Crosspatch.

A train from Loch Azure arrived in Ponyville at noon the next day. Rarity and Pinkie Pie split up once they were on the platform. Pinkie Pie was heading back to work at Sugarcube Corner, and Rarity was heading to the Spa for hers and Fluttershy’s weekly get-together. An unusual sight awaited her when she arrived and was pointed in Fluttershy’s direction by Aloe.
“Welcome back, Rarity,” smiled Fluttershy. “I hope you don’t mind if my friend here joins us this week.”
Crosspatch waved contently.
Rarity shrugged. “By all means. What’s the occasion?”

As the three mares went through seaweed wraps, massages and hoof treatments (although Crosspatch steered clear of the steam room), Rarity got the whole story of Fluttershy’s and Crosspatch’s spat and how their competition ended.
“I take it everything is alright between you now?” said Rarity.
“We’re both great,” said Crosspatch. “We’ve agreed to help in each other in our work. Whenever I get a snail out of a spinach garden or a bird out of a badminton net, I’ll bring it to Fluttershy if it’s in need of TLC.”
“Just before you arrived,” Fluttershy said to Rarity, “I wrote in our journal that I shall never be so set in my ways again. No pony should go as far as a painful challenge just to prove a point. All you’ll end up proving is how stubborn you are.”
“Here, here,” smiled Crosspatch from behind two slices of cucumber.
“Splendid,” said Rarity. “I’m very happy for the two of you.”
“So,” said Fluttershy, “how was the BYOM event?…”
13. Judicium Aer Aqua
I've only just recently discovered Rainbow Dash Presents: Bittersweet, hence why Dinky has been included.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was created by Lauren Faust and © by Hasbro Studios & DHX Media

MLP:FIM_fanficintropic_JAA by Lister-Of-Smeg

Fluttershy and Crosspatch, who are on opposite ends of the animal argument, undergo endurance challenges to settle a dispute.

Vectors by LuckySmores, Sulyo, & The-Mystery-Of-Doom

Fluttershy © Hasbro
Crosspatch was created by me.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders’ recruitment drive takes a backseat when the weather team gets a few complaints.

If your science teacher tells you your class in going on a field trip, don't trust him.
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“Sweetie Belle?”
“Apple Bloom? … Here. OK, we’re all here. Now… Sweetie Belle, what are you doing?”
Sweetie Belle had a glazed look in her eyes, which didn’t bode well when one was standing beneath the CMC clubhouse good idea bulb.
“Oh. I just like pretending Rumble and Button Mash finally decided to join us and they’re on the roll call sheet,” Sweetie Belle frowned.
“Sweetie, they’re just not interested,” Scootaloo told her for the umpteenth time. “And they definitely won’t join if you keep pestering them.”
“I haven’t been pestering them!” Sweetie Belle insisted. “Anyway, you’re just mad because of Zipporwhill.”
“Can you blame me?” grumbled Scootaloo. “She’s a year younger than us and she got her cutie mark. And she can fly! It’s so embarrassing. I wish we could sign up all the foals in the grade under us, but everypony says the same thing. ‘Zipporwhill’s just an early bloomer’.”
“It is kinda funny,” Apple Bloom said, looking at the same old roll call scroll. “We’ve been at this forever and not only have none of us gotten our cutie marks, but we also only ever met one of the three foals we managed to recruit.”
“Well, that’ll be different soon,” said Sweetie Belle, perking up.
“That’s right,” said Scootaloo. “Now that those school ponies from Manehattan are field tripping to Ponyville for the Festival of Flora, we’ll finally get to meet Babs Seed’s members.”
“I just hope we don’t have to talk to those foals who’d been picking on her before we first met her,” Apple Bloom groaned. “The last thing we need around here is more Diamond Tiaras.”

When the day came for the train from Manehattan to come to Ponyville, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo were the first ones on the station platform to welcome Babs Seed and her two fellow crusaders. Soon enough, in came the train and out came about twenty foals. Apple Bloom and Babs Seed were delighted to see each other again, and Babs’ friends were happy to meet Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. It was a nice feeling to be amongst so many foals who were wearing the same capes.
“So, once your chaperone’s done gettin’ y’all situated, we can show ya our Ponyville headquarters,” Apple Bloom smiled.
“Might take a while,” said Babs, looking around at the foals being herded into the station house. She and her friends would have to join them. “But you guys can hang ‘round here and wait for the next train.”
“The next train?” asked Scootaloo. “You mean your school needed two trains two get its students here?”
“No, no. Didn’t your teacher tell ya?” asked a very amused Babs Seed. “There are three schools field trippin’ here for the flower show.”
“Yeah. Ours from Manehattan, one from Clopley Hill, Steeds, and one from Barrow in Harness.”

After Babs Seed and her two mates had been ushered into the station house by the school appointed chaperone, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle got in trouble from the station master a few times for jumping around all over the platform in excitement.
“How did we miss that?!” cried Apple Bloom. “Do either of you remember Miss Cheerilee saying anything about Clopley Hill or Barrow in Harness?”
“Nope,” said Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle together.
“Guess we got distracted when she said Manehattan,” suggested Sweetie Belle.
Scootaloo giggled. “We thought that was exciting, but now…”
“We shoulda known more schools would come,” said Sweetie Belle. “I mean, look.”
They peered around the station house. The streets of Ponyville already did look festive. There were a few kiosks set up in advance and bunting was strung between buildings, lampposts and trees. It looked lovely, especially in the bright sunny day the pegasi were making. Not even the dandelion seeds lying all over the grass could spoil the view. Sweetie Belle spotted some dandelions growing in the ballast on the tracks. One of them still had all of its seeds on it. She magiced it off the tracks and held it in front of her.
“I wish for more blank flanks to come to Ponyville,” she said excitedly before blowing the seeds away.
The prospect of meeting and recruiting more blank flanks was making the three of them a station hazard. They managed to occupy a bench and wait patiently until the station master announced that the 8AM from Steeds Central to Ponyville Station was now arriving.

“Make sure to let them all see our capes,” said Sweetie Belle as the passengers began to disembark.
There were about the same number of Clopley Hill school foals as Manehattan school foals. Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo looked around. Every foal who exited the coaches had a symbol on their flanks. A colt with a hammer for a cutie mark approached the caped fillies grinning.
“Cool. Superheroes.”
“Actually, we’re the Cutie Mark Crusaders,” said Apple Bloom, posing with her friends.
“You still sound like superheroes,” said the colt, still grinning.
“We’re not,” retorted Sweetie Belle. “We’re a club for foals who don’t have cutie marks.”
“Oh. Well, everyone at Clopley Hill Primary has one,” the colt told them. “You three don’t need to be here.”
As he trotted away, his smile not fading, Scootaloo got the feeling that the hammer on his flank didn’t represent carpentry skills.

When Babs Seed returned with her friends, Apple Bloom told them that no blank flanks had come from Clopley Hill, Steeds. She was about to ask the other two Manehattan crusaders about themselves when Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo started rambling, alternating between complaining about the time they wasted waiting for the Clopley Hill train and freaking out over the possibilities the next train would bring.
“We coulda ran back to the clubhouse and grabbed more capes.”
“I sure hope we six aren’t the only blank flanks in Equestria. Well, for our age anyway.”
“Can you believe that colt? Thinking we were supposed to be superheroes?”
“What if all the foals in Barrow in Harness have cutie marks and Diamond Tiara finds out we had a recruitment drive that didn’t go anywhere?”
“The 8:30AM from Barrow in Harness is now arriving! Please stand well away from the edge of the platform!”

The brakes squealed, the engine hissed, hooves thumped, and Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle squealed.
“There’s one!”
A blue filly strolled onto the platform gazing around. She nearly ran into Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Babs Seed, who had run right up to her as soon as they spotted her.
“Hi! Who are you?!”
“Um, I’m Skyward. Who are you? And what are you wearing?”
“We’re the Cutie Mark Crusaders,” said Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Babs Seed together.
“We’re a club for foals who don’t have their cutie marks yet,” Apple Bloom said after approaching Skyward herself.
Skyward’s eyes widened, then she turned around and called into the carriage she had come out of.
“Hey guys, you don’t have to worry! There’s lots of other blank flanks here!”
“Really?!” came an ecstatic voice.
“Yeah! Six of them!” Skyward replied.
Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Babs Seed could hardly contain themselves as three more cutie markless fillies exited the coach.
“Are you really a club for blank flanks?!” asked one of them.
“Yep!” answered Apple Bloom.
“Any chance the four of us can join?!” Skyward asked.
“A chance?!” spluttered Babs Seed. “You guys are practically already in!”
Of course, the only thing stopping the ten of them from running to the clubhouse right then and there was the Barrow in Harness chaperone needing all her students present for roll call and introduction to the Mayor.

At last, they were all sprinting through the partially decorated town heading for Sweet Apple Acres. The Barrow in Harness fillies wouldn’t stop talking about how nervous they had been about being the only blank flanks at the festival. Sweetie Belle was already practising her initiation speech.
“We, the Cutie Mark Crusaders are proud to welcome its newest members… um… what are your names again?”
“I’m Castaway,” one of them reminded her. “That’s Flotsam and that’s Washout.”
“Right! Right.” said Sweetie Belle. “And that first one?”
“Skyward,” said Scootaloo.
At the mention of that name, Apple Bloom looked around. Skyward must have broken stride because she wasn’t in the group. Apple Bloom stopped and looked back. There was Skyward looking up at the Ponyville weather crew hard at work cloud busting. As Apple Bloom backtracked, she thought Skyward looked like she was having the time of her life even though she wasn’t with the group of blank flanks.
“I hope we didn’t come on too strong and turn her off,” groaned Apple Bloom.

“Oh, sorry about that,” said Skyward when Apple Bloom attracted her attention. “I was just… well, to put it in a nutshell, I really love weather.”
“Yeah. I think it would be really cool to work in the weather industry,” Skyward smiled, watching Rainbow Dash, Flitter and Cloud Chaser clearing the sky.
“Oh, so, you’ve already got some idea of what you wanna do with your life?” asked Apple Bloom.
“Pretty much,” said Skyward dreamily.
Apple Bloom thought for a moment, and then said “Well OK. So what kind of weather work would you like to do? Making snowflakes? Measuring cloud gaps? Balancing rainbow colours? Have you had any practise in the sky? Have you learned how to fly yet?”
Skyward grinned. “Um, I can’t fly. I’m an earth pony.”
Apple Bloom went red. “Oh. That’s embarrassing. I don’t think I ever noticed.”
“It’s OK,” said Skyward. “We just met.”
“Um, Castaway’s an earth pony too, right,” Apple Bloom was trying to remember what the other fillies looked like.
“Uh huh,” nodded Skyward.
“And Flotsam’s a pegasus and Washout’s a unicorn?”
“Other way around,” corrected Skyward.
“Right,” said Apple Bloom, face still red.
“Hey, at least you remembered their names,” said Skyward.

Skyward started looking around again.
“Did the weather team make yesterday windy?” she asked.
“How’d ya guess?” asked Apple Bloom.
Skyward pointed at the dandelion seeds all over the grass. “It was either that or all the pegasi in town have dandruff. Huh. Dandelions or dandruff.”
They both chuckled.
“I love weather, but everypony tells me to leave it to the pegasi,” said Skyward. “Still, I wasn’t as nervous as those other tree. All I had to do was not mention my hobby to anyone and I wouldn’t have to be embarrassed.”
“You’re not really bothered about not having your cutie mark, are ya?” inquired Apple Bloom. “All you’re worried about is your special talent having nothing to do with weather.”
“You’re right,” Skyward sighed. “If I can never do anything weather related, whatever cutie mark I’d end up with would be a total lie.”
“Well then, let’s get you a weathery cutie mark!” said Apple Bloom confidently. “I know just who to go to.”

Skyward had heard about the Everfree Forest, and couldn’t believe her eyes when she realised that Apple Bloom was leading her there.
“What in Luna’s bib are we going in there for?” she demanded.
“There’s an herbalist zebra named Zecora who lives there,” Apple Bloom told her.
“OK, and what would a zebra know about weather?” asked Skyward. “Did your teacher tell you about a species of flying zebra that our teacher didn’t bother to mention?”
“No, but the Everfree Forest is a self-contained ecosystem,” said Apple Bloom. “The weather isn’t controlled by ponies. It rains and shines however it wants.”
Skyward was intrigued enough to allow herself to be guided to the hut in the Everfree Forest by Apple Bloom.

“Hot air is sent up by the sun’s rays. Then cold air comes to take its place,” Zecora told Skyward and Apple Bloom. “The cold wind blows the rain clouds along. The plants get watered and grow before long.”
Skyward got more and more invested as she, Zecora and Apple Bloom wandered around Zecora’s garden.
“So since it’s hot right now,” Skyward guessed, “it’ll get windy soon, and then it’ll rain?”
“That is the ordinary pattern of weather,” Zecora nodded. “And all done without someone lifting a feather.”
“Does it ever snow in this forest?” asked Skyward.
“Every winter just like everywhere else. And it’s somewhat a result of Celestia’s spells,” Zecora answered. “At that time of year, the sun is moved back. It’s further away from the ground and the pack. This makes the rain in the forest freeze. The snow here is not made with artistic expertise.”
Nothing in the Cutie Mark Crusaders clubhouse could make Skyward happier than what Zecora was telling her.
“And do rainbows exist here?” she pressed.
“They will appear after rainstorms. They are not rare. The sunlight shines through water vapour in the air.”
“All my life, I thought weather was an invention of ponykind,” Skyward beamed. “Now I know they just control when it happens.”

That evening, Apple Bloom and Skyward were walking back into Ponyville. They were both extremely satisfied with what Zecora had taught them, but Apple Bloom noticed that Skyward was starting to frown a bit.
“Anything wrong?” she asked.
“No, no. That was great,” Skyward insisted. “I loved learning about ordinary weather.”
Skyward sighed. “But knowing how it works just isn’t the same as getting involved.”
“Well, what if you could pass on what you learned to other ponies?” suggested Apple Bloom.
“Nopony wants to learn about weather that happens on its own,” said Skyward. “I’ve heard no schools teach it because all the weather in Equestria is controlled by pegasi.”
“My teacher never told us about it, so I guess you’re right there,” Apple Bloom said after a moment’s thought.
“Still, I want to thank you for trying to help me get my hoof in the door,” smiled Skyward. “But it’s no use. I was born an earth pony, so…”
“Don’t go givin’ up!” snapped Apple Bloom.
“I know a unicorn who got involved with weather before,” Apple Bloom was recalling Rarity's brief gig in the weather industry. “So I know that not only pegasi can control the weather.”
“How did she do?” asked Skyward.
“That’s not the point,” Apple Bloom waved the question away.

“Can I ask you something?” Skyward asked.
“I wasn’t assigned a roommate,” said Skyward. “There’s an odd number of us from Barrow in Harness, so I got my own room at the inn. I could ask my chaperone to let you stay with me tonight-- um, if you want, that is.”
“I’d love to,” Apple Bloom smiled. “I’ll probably be the first pony to stay in a hotel in her own home.”
Skyward chuckled. “You’ll probably get a big 1st as a cutie mark for being the first pony to do a bunch of weird stuff.”
Apple Bloom grinned before Skyward looked up at the pegasi again. She spotted Rainbow Dash towing a grey cloud towards Town Hall.
“Rainbow Dash! Couldja come here a minute?!” called Apple Bloom.
“That’s the coolest name I’ve ever heard,” said Skyward.
Rainbow Dash heard this as she approached and needless to say, it gave her a big head.
“Well you need a cool name if you wanna be a weather captain or a pending Wonderbolt,” she said smugly.
“Oh! You’re the weather captain of Ponyville!” burst out Skyward, vigorously shaking Rainbow Dash’s hoof.
“OK, OK,” said Apple Bloom. This wasn’t the reason she’d summoned Rainbow Dash. “Rainbow, couldja do me a favour and tell Granny Smith that I ain’t gonna be home tonight? I’m gonna be spending the night with Skyward here.”
“Sure thing,” replied Rainbow Dash. “I got some time before tonight’s rain’s due.”
And she took off towards Sweet Apple Acres, causing a trickle of dandelion seeds to blow around the two fillies.

On the way to the inn, Apple Bloom and Skyward thought they could hear crumpling paper. They approached a row of houses and spotted Roseluck carrying a roll of newspapers to a garbage bin.
“Evenin’ Roseluck!” called Apple Bloom.
“Oh! Hi, Apple Bloom,” replied Roseluck. “Who’s your friend?”
“This is Skyward. She’s visiting from Barrow in Harness,” said Apple Bloom as Roseluck and Skyward shook hooves. “Been paintin’?”
Roseluck quickly looked at her crumpled up newspapers, which weren’t entirely black and white.
“Uh, yeah,” she said. “Thought I’d give my fen--”
“Where’s your garden gnomes?” asked Apple Bloom. “They’re not in your garden.”
“Oh, I just…”
“You gave your garden gnomes a new coat of paint?!” said Apple Bloom excitedly. “Great! They’ll look fantastic!”
“Aw, that secret’s out,” groaned Roseluck.
“Why were ya keepin’ it secret?” Apple Bloom asked.
“I was planning to decorate my flower display tomorrow with my gnomes,” Roseluck answered. “They were my secret weapon.”
“Don’t leave them outside to dry. Bring them in. It’s gonna rain tonight,” warned Skyward.
“But they’re dry. And I didn’t use water base paint,” said Roseluck.
“Rain can still spoil the colour of your gnomes,” Skyward insisted. “That’s why the paintwork fades when they’re left out all the time.”
“Well, thank you for the suggestion,” said Roseluck. “You know, I wanted to keep this a secret…”
“We won’t say a thing to anypony,” promised Apple Bloom.
“Thanks girls,” Roseluck smiled before turning to her backyard.

Apple Bloom and Skyward spent the rest of the evening in Skyward’s room at the inn after getting the Barrow in Harness chaperone’s approval. They discussed possibilities for jobs Skyward could get in the weather industry, but neither one came up with a solution. The last thing that was discussed before lights out was Apple Bloom making Skyward promise to never abandon her goal. They both slept well that night despite the noise of the rain, but they were woken earlier than intended by voices coming from outside. They both went to the window and opened the blinds. Mayor Mare was shouting at Cloud Chaser, and it was soon clear why.
“What’s all that goo on the ground?” asked Apple Bloom.
“Well, unless the weather team made some wind before they made it rain,” said a very amused Skyward, “that must be wet dandelion seeds.”
Apple Bloom looked around. It looked like there’d been an explosion at a porridge factory. The grass and some of the kiosks were nearly completely covered in white goo. Needless to say, the Festival of Flora could not go on while this mess was lying around. Who would want to admire a bunch of flowers while squelching through a ton of paste?

“I can understand why they made it rain the night before a big flower show,” said Skyward later than morning after Cloud Chaser had told Rainbow Dash about the complaints and Twilight had done everyone the favour of magicing the mess away, “but why did they make it windy the day before?”
“I think I heard Derpy mention something about pollination,” said Apple Bloom.
“Pollination?! What’s the point? Flower show contestants always prepare their plants months in advance,” said Skyward. “And even if it would make a difference, all those mini gardens are gonna get is a buncha dandelions.”
They didn’t have much time to try and figure this out because one of the foals from Skyward’s class told everyone that he found out that they were supposed to write an essay about the different types of plants that they saw at the Festival of Flora. Several foals were hastily grabbing paper and pencils so they would remember what they saw. Some foals outright refused to do any of the essay, feeling cheated because none of their teachers had mentioned this assignment before.

When the festival was declared open and the punters were pouring in, Apple Bloom and Skyward discovered that Roseluck wasn’t the only one who’d had the idea of decorating her flower display with garden gnomes. Although it looked like Cherry Fizzy could have taken a tip from Skyward. His gnomes didn’t exactly stand out amongst his flowers.
“If you don’t mind me askin’,” said Apple Bloom, “how long have your gnomes been out in your garden?”
Cherry Fizzy shrugged. “I don’t think they’ve ever been indoors. Why? Can’t you tell I repainted them yesterday?”
“Well…” Apple Bloom glanced around. “Look over there.”
Cherry Fizzy looked and his eyes popped. Roseluck’s flower display was easily visible across the fair. The garden gnomes standing around her flowers looked immaculate, especially in comparison to Cherry Fizzy’s.
“Wow, she sure did something right,” said Cherry Fizzy. “I don’t know how she does it. She always does one better than the rest of us.”
Apple Bloom and Skyward decided not to tell him that he and Rose had come close to being even.

Down the line, they did find a display that could pose a sufficient competition to Roseluck. Junebug’s flower display was quite tidy and vibrant. But Junebug herself was neither.
“What happened to ya?!” cried Apple Bloom.
“Oh, I just had a bitta trouble with the soil,” Junebug replied. “My garden got really wet last night. Took me a while to get everything neatly set up.”
“Well, usually, the contestants repot their plants in the morning before the show,” said Apple Bloom.
“I did,” groaned Junebug. “But there was so much water all over my flowers that it dripped onto my fresh soil and turned it into mud. Not sure if it was worth the effort this morning to be frank.”
“Looks like it was, to me,” said Skyward, peering around at Junebug’s flowers. “But you really should get cleaned up. We’ll watch over your display.”
Junebug thanked Skyward and Apple Bloom for their compliments and help, but as she went to find Rainbow Dash to give her a shower and a Rainblowdry, Skyward voiced some criticisms about Junebug’s display.
“It looks like everyone else’s display, really,” she said. “All the flowers here look colourful, but beaten up. How hard did the Ponyville weather team make the rain last night? All the flowers would need the night before the fair is a sprinkling.”
At that moment, they heard a high pitched squeal. They looked and saw Big McIntosh standing frozen underneath a string of bunting. Turned out a bit of rain water had dripped down and landed on his back.
Skyward looked at the decorations realizing they were soaking. “Maybe Junebug could just get washed off standing under there,” she joked.

The two fillies got a bit nervous when they saw the judges starting to walk around and inspect the displays, but Junebug returned five minutes before they got to hers. Apple Bloom and Skyward picked up where they left off walking around and admiring the flowers, but they soon found at least three other contestants who’d had trouble with their drenched gardens as well. Eventually, the winner was announced. It came as no surprise to Apple Bloom and Skyward that Roseluck’s spotless garden gnomes had gotten her first prize. No one ever gave speeches at the Festival of Flora, but Apple Bloom was sure that if they did, Roseluck would surely mention Skyward’s suggestion.

“What’s going on now?” asked Skyward, watching Rainbow Dash, Flitter and Cloud Chaser loitering around the winding down festival.
“I guess the weather team’s waiting until everypony’s cleaned up their displays,” replied Apple Bloom. “Then they’ll make it windy to get rid of all the petals and leaves on the ground.”
“Oh, they’re not just gonna bring a wind in, are they?” Skyward scoffed. “Look how wet and heavy they all are.”
Apple Bloom had to agree that all the leaves and petals that had dropped onto the ground were more or less part of the lawns and walkways.
“What they ought to do is move all the clouds and let the sun dry the petals and leaves out,” Skyward went on. “Then they can bring the wind in. That stuff will be outta here before you could say…”
Apple Bloom jolted. “Write a memo to the weather team!”
“I mean, why not? You haven’t been wrong yet,” insisted Apple Bloom. “Here.”
Apple Bloom hadn’t written anything on the paper she’d brought, so she gave it to Skyward and encouraged her to write down her suggestion to the weather team.
“Couldn’t I just talk to Rainbow Dash or something?” Skyward asked nervously.
“You look like you’d get tongue tied,” Apple Bloom watched Skyward sweat a bit. “This’ll be your first time doing something weather related, isn’t it?”
Skyward nodded and began writing her suggestion for a more efficient disposal of the stray petals.

As soon as Skyward finished, Apple Bloom’s suspicions of her itchy hooves were proven.
“S-so, how about you, uh…” she stammered, holding her note out to Apple Bloom. “Do you think you could give this to the weather team?”
Apple Bloom smirked, but before she could take the paper from Skyward…
I’ll take it.”
Flitter swooped down like a hawk and snatched the note out of Skyward’s hoof. It happened so fast, neither filly saw where Flitter had come from or gone to.
Skyward looked like she’d drank a pitcher of garlic. “I’m… th-this was a terrible idea. Weather’s just m-my hobby. I’m not meant for weather work. I’m j-just an earth pony.”
Soon enough, Skyward’s twitchiness was intensified by Rainbow Dash’s comments on her amateur memo.
“Holy, Skyward! Where’ve ya been all my life? We’ve been trying to figure how to do this in one go every time there’s a Festival of Flora.”
Skyward was speechless.
“Thanks for the suggestion, kid,” Rainbow Dash finished before taking off to help Flitter and Cloud Chaser, who were already clearing the sky.

As the displays and kiosks were gradually dismantled and taken away, Ponyville grew warmer and warmer. Evenings weren’t usually this warm, but word soon spread that the weather team was trying out a suggestion from a visiting school pony. It even reached a group of foals who, as Apple Bloom soon remembered, she hadn’t seen all day.
There you are!” cried Scootaloo as she, Sweetie Belle and the rest of the Cutie Mark Crusaders ran up to Apple Bloom and Skyward. “Where’ve you been? We had to do the initiation ceremony without you yesterday. And Skyward here still hasn’t had hers yet.”
“Check us out, Sky,” said Castaway, sporting her maroon cape with its blue logo and gold lining.
Skyward barely registered them. She had been watching a nearby pimpernel petal drying on the ground since she had been complimented by Rainbow Dash.

After Apple Bloom told Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle about their quest to find a productive way to implement Skyward’s interest in weather, the wind picked up. Castaway, Flotsam and Washout grinned as their capes flapped in the breeze. All Skyward and Apple Bloom could see was the bone dry leaves and petals being whisked away straight out of Ponyville. All Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Babs Seed could see was a nose-up paper airplane with indistinguishable writing on it appearing out of thin air.
“You got your cutie mark!” Babs yelped, pointing at Skyward’s flank.
Skyward looked back and whooped. “I’m gonna be a weather consultant! That’s it! That’s how I’ll contribute to the Barrow in Harness weather team!”
She took off, full of confidence, to ask Rainbow Dash for a letter of recommendation.

Apple Bloom glowed as she watched Skyward disappear, but Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle were moaning.
“She could’ve been our first graduate,” groused Scootaloo.
“We could have had a successful Cutie Mark Crusader,” Sweetie Belle complained.
“Girls,” said Apple Bloom firmly, “we don’t have to get our numbers up. We may be only a few fillies with no cutie marks, but the important thing here is our mission. Do y’all remember what that is?”
In Scootaloo’s and Sweetie Belle’s hesitation, Babs Seed spoke up. “Helping foals find their special talents.”
“Yeah. So that’s what I’ve been doing,” said Apple Bloom, undaunted by her best friends’ indignation. “Skyward knew what she wanted to do, so I helped her.”
Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle looked down at their hooves.
“It’s alright, gals,” Apple Bloom insisted. “I was just as excited about more members as you were.”
Scootaloo looked up. “Sorry we forgot our mission, Apple Bloom.”
Sweetie Belle nodded. “But please don’t let Diamond Tiara hear about this. If she finds out that a foal got her cutie mark before joining us, we’ll never hear the end of it.”
Apple Bloom couldn’t refuse, but she couldn’t help but think the story would spread like dandelion seeds.
“We never thought she could possibly become a weather pony,” Flotsam piped up. “You’re a lot smarter than us, Apple Bloom.”
“No wonder you’re the leader of the Cutie Mark Crusaders,” said Washout. “You really know your stuff. We three ain’t got a clue what our special talents could be.”
“Well then, welcome to the club,” smiled Apple Bloom. “Sorry I wasn’t there for your initiation.”
“No you ain’t,” Babs Seed smirked. “Sweetie Belle shmucked up the speech again.”
12. The Cutie Mark Temp
I have a feeling we'll be meeting Babs Seeds' fellow CMC members in canon some time soon.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was created by Lauren Faust and © by Hasbro Studios and DHX Media


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